Nov 12, 2015
Caroline Goes Bowling!
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Most of you are probably aware that our family enjoys bowling, I guess you could call it “The Family Sport”. We were invited as part of our Foster Care Cluster to go bowling with some other foster care families. This ended up being Caroline’s first time bowling and I think she really enjoyed it!

We used bumpers and the ramp to help her. I would set the ball on top and she would get excited to push it down the lane. Then she would watch intently as the ball rolled toward the pins or sit there clapping when it hit the pins!

Grandma kept trying to get a picture of her holding the ball but Caroline loves balls and just kept rolling it back to her.

Grandma has already decided that we need to sign her up for a junior league when she gets a little older!

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Nov 12, 2015
Halloween Festivities
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Halloween has been a fun part of October for our family! There were lots of great activities that we were able to participate in. First my work had a Halloween Carnival for the families of the employees and students. Mom and I took Caroline, dressed her up in her Piglet costume, for a fun filled morning.

She was able to decorate a sugar cookie (even though she kept stealing the M&Ms off of it while she was decorating), get her face painted like a kitty, and went fishing for treats.

Then the following week I went with some of my co-workers to Witchapalooza at Gardner Village. This is an event where you have dinner while enjoying a halloween production. Our co-worker Brandon was one of the cast of the production and it was so fun to see him perform along with spend time with some of my great co-workers.

At my job Halloween is a big production and I was part of our Halloween committee for our department. We chose the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean and decorated our office like a ship and we all dressed up like pirates. My boss MaryEtta even dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow. One of my co-workers brought in his own version of his parrot … his pet chicken Reeses. Caroline came to visit and LOVED Reeses even though it took her a few minutes to warm up to her.

It was such a fun day and we enjoyed ourselves with food and laughs!

On Halloween day we started the fun with our friends the Parkers and headed down to Cornbellys in Lehi. There was so much to do! First we rode in the cow train … Caroline kept pointing to the painted cows on the buildings and saying “Moooooo”. We went to the Corn Beach which was like a giant sandbox but instead of sand was filled with corn kernels. Caroline figured out fast how fun it was and enjoyed putting the corn in the buckets and then tipping it over.

Next we went into the maze and the girls had fun running around. We really had a fun time!

That night Mom & I took Caroline trick-or-treating to soem friends homes and at our ward trunk-or-treat. It was a fun time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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I have wanted to go to Utah Foster Care’s Pumpkin Festival every year for the past few years but I haven’t been able to go due to work. My mom was going to take Caroline but then I took a sick day for a health thing and decided to join them for a little while.

Caroline was able to pick out a pumpkin and decorate it. She is still pretty little so we stuck to stickers which she thought was so fun. She loved putting them on and peeling them off (had to convince her to leave them on the pumpkin)

While there we got a movie of Sofia the First from Disney and took some pics with the decorations. Caroline’s favorite thing was the Olympic Fountain. The girl is obsessed with water.

We were able to see Tara, our previous RFC that helped with Caroline’s placement, who now works for the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

Being a foster parent has changed my life. If you are interested in fostering a child that needs a safe place you can learn more at

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I have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people. Well during the college’s fall break our entire department headed down to Thanksgiving Point for the day for a retreat. We spent the morning focusing on “Presence” and making the most out of “The Present”. Then after lunch we headed out into the gardens for a treasure hunt. At the end of the hunt we took a group picture. I think it turned out really well!

This is my friend Sara and I absolutely adore her! We rode down together and I was able to get to know her a little better! So grateful for her and her friendship.

Here are some more of the amazing people I work with! Gotta love taking selfies!

Over all it was a fun day and glad I was able to get to know some of our group a little better and have a fun day with them.

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Last Sunday, we went to visit Grandma and have dinner with her and Great-Grandpa. Caroline loved her spaghetti and was using her fork as a telephone. Needless to say she ended up with marinara sauce all over her … her shirt, her face, her hands, her ear!

When dinner was finished and cleaned up we went and played in the backyard. Caroline loves her slide that grandma bought her. She has learned to climb up on it with no help! She is getting so big. She even helped grandma feed the birds and put water in the bird bath.

Then we went and checked out grandma’s Halloween pumpkins! Caroline loves the pumpkins! I have to say that it was hard because that day I realized just how big she is getting! She isn’t a baby anymore!

Thanks grandma for having us over! We love you!

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